Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference

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Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology
Instructions to Authors
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Individual submissions and collections of edited papers from topical symposia will be considered. Current presentations and MAAC members have precedence in the selection process. Topics include prehistoric, historic, and urban archaeology, specialized analyses (e.g., pollen, phytoliths, seeds, bones, and soils), and theoretical and methodological treatments appropriate to the archaeology of the Middle Atlantic region. Theoretical, methodological, and site specific articles from elsewhere in the Eastern U.S. are appropriate if the time periods, cultures, artifacts, typologies, or problems are represented in the Middle Atlantic region.

The style follows American Antiquity, but without endnotes or footnotes. Peer review is an option, but not a requirement. Manuscripts should not exceed 35 double spaced pages. Digital photographs must be at least 300 DPI. Line art must be at least 600 DPI. Color photos or line art will be used in the PDF version, but must be convertible to grayscale for print publication. This means that references to the "red" square or "blue" line cannot be used.

A guideline agreed upon at the 1997 business meeting was that each session chairperson should encourage at least one presenter to submit his or her paper for publication in the current year's volume. While JMAA is not a proceedings of the Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference, it should contain at least a few articles from the conference.

Click here for a sample article. Note the citation and references cited styles. These are not history or APA style.

Non-Peer Review Option
E-mail attachment is a preferred method of submission. Do not use MS-Word 2007 or 2010. Convert files to MS-Word 2003. This will assure compatibility with the publishing programs used to produce the copy for actual publication.

Dr. Roger W. Moeller
Archaeological Services
PO Box 386
Bethlehem CT 06751-0386

Peer Review Option
Send an email to Dr. Douglas Sanford, University of Mary Washington. He will find three peer reviewers for your manuscript.